Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Glorious Day for a Big Backyard Outing in Third Grade

 All classes at Bowman School participate in the "Big Back Yard" program.  With their teachers and parent volunteers, students have the opportunity to investigate the natural environment right outside of Bowman's doors.
 We are lucky to have our school connect to conservation land.  It provides many different kinds of habitats for students to investigate.  Today the Bear was excited and curious as he participated with small groups as they spent time observing and identifying specimens found in Bowman's watershed.
He was pretty surprised earlier in the week to discover that a flock of geese had decided that the marshy puddle by the Kindergarten was a good place to stay for a while.

We think that the land that Bowman School was built on 50 years ago must have been a marsh or other kind of wetlands. It is always surprising to see how wet our grounds get with even a little bit of rain.

Literacy Research in Third Grade

The Big Bear is listening for accurate information as a literacy research group presents its information about Grizzly Bears to the class!  The Bowman Bear thinks he's an expert on all kinds of bears -- and was surprised at how much new information he learned.  Learning to read and write about non-fiction is an important part of our readers and writers workshops.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A return visit to Mrs. Bennett's Class...

Today the Star Student Bear joined Mrs. Bennett's third grade class.  He was excited to see that the children were involved in a "Mystery Powder" unit.   This unit lets students go through the scientific process to make some hypotheses about what five different kinds of white powder might be.

Here the Big Bear is exploring the Mystery Powder kit and the guidelines for being safe while doing science experiments.  He has his safety glasses on and is ready to go.  What are other safety considerations you think the Big Bear needs to know?

Friday, May 19, 2017

More Learning in Ms. Perdiz' Class!

First graders enjoyed the Big Bear's help as they built their aquariums and terrariums as part of their life cycles unit in Science. The Bear listened carefully while the students talked about what they observed with the organisms and drew diagrams.

In First Grade, many classrooms use the RAVE-O program to help integrate the many neural pathways the brain uses to develop automatic and fluent reading.  The Star Student Bear thinks it is pretty cool that by learning about word meanings and word parts (like the ending -ed, always means that the event is in the past) they can be "word detectives".  The Big Bear helped students find the many hidden treasures in words during a word work lesson. The Bear held the word treasure box as students pick out a few words and thought of the many interesting meanings that words can have! 

How many interesting meanings can you find for the word "bat"?  First graders get to think about how silly a sentence would be if you get a picture of the wrong bat in your mind while reading a sentence like... 
"He hit the ball with the bat."

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Big Bear visits First Grade...

The Big Bear enjoyed playing the Money Matching Game with students! The Bear joined students as they pulled coins out of a sock and tried to match with their partner based on the name of the coin and the description. Bears and children learn a lot from playing games!
 The Big Bear read "Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse" with students. The Bear was impressed by the students reading abilities and how well they talked about the book after reading!

The Big Bear worked with students as they practice number and letting writing. The Bear noticed students working hard to form their numbers and letters properly!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Busy Weekend with the Cautela Family!

The Bowman Bear usually finds weekends a little dull - the children go home, the building is quiet, and there frankly isn't much going on.  To his GREAT surprise and appreciation, the Bowman Bear got to spend the weekend with the Cautela Family.  Tevan is in Grade 2 in Mr. Curhan's room, and Oliana is in Kindergarten with Mrs. Day.  The Big Bear was delighted to find out that the Cautela Family won the pleasure of his company through the Bowman PTA Auction... He was happy to help! 
The Big Bear started off his holiday weekend with a quick game of Basketball with Mr. Waters and Mr. Bruff, another generous auction donation to support the Bowman PTA.
He got to try his first ever ice cream at Rancatore's in Lexington.  Yum!
The Bowman Bear had no idea that you could Ice Skate in Lexington.  He went on his first every trip to the Hayden Ice Rink.  He thinks ice skating looks like a lot of fun - and probably wouldn't hurt much if he fell -- after all he has a lot of padding.

The Star Student Bear spent a lot of time in the car, driving around to all sorts of different activities.  The Big Bear always remembers to wear his seat belt.

 He had an awesome time at soccer!
With both the boys and the girls!

He even got to go play Softball with the Mariners...

By the end of the days he was exhausted and couldn't wait for a good night's sleep!  I'll bet Tevan and Oliana are the only ones who can tell you whether or not the Bear snores? It sure looks like he does...

Even though the weather was grey and rainy at times, the Bowman Bear had fun in Lexington Center.  

Tevan and Oliana let the Big Bear help them celebrate Mother's Day with their mom at Lexx!  The Bowman Bear didn't realize that there was a holiday especially for mothers. 

The Star Student Bear feels so very very lucky to have been the guest of Oliana and Tevan this weekend.  He had no idea weekends could be so busy!  A special THANK YOU to the Cautela family for the best vacation weekend ever!

Friday, May 12, 2017

 In Math Workshop, this student is teaching the Big Bear to play the math game Sushi Monster.  This game is an Addition Game.

 In Math Workshop, the Star Student Bear is helping first graders who are playing GO FISH.  Students GO FISH decks are set up to help them practice with their "Working Number".