Monday, March 27, 2017

A Time Traveling Bear in Mr. Taylor's Fifth Grade

Today the bear traveled back in time to the 1770s with a 5th grade class. Students have been researching colonial times to write a research based argument essay about events leading up to the American Revolution. Each student has created a character and is writing from the perspective of this colonist.

Students also used indoor recess time to give the bear some authentic clothing and accessories including spectacles, a tricorn hat with powdered wig, some fancy silk cuffs, and more. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Designing Plans for Tree Houses!

In Room 8 students are designing tree houses as part of an Art and Engineering project with Mrs. O'Connor.  The Big Bear is wondering if someone will be able to build a Tree House big enough for a very big bear!

Mystery Reading in Room 8

Students in Mr. Avery's Third Grade are enjoying a new Mystery Unit in Reading.  As students read mysteries they look for clues about characters and motivations and take their thinking deeper.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Bear in Grade 3 - Hello Mr. Avery!

This week the Star Student Bear is visiting Mr. Avery's Third Grade class.  Here he is working on multiplication facts with the computer program "Fasst Math".  Students work at their own levels and try to get faster and faster at fact recall.  Automatic recall of facts makes problem-solving easier.

 Student in Mr. Avery's room have been working on a Persuasive Writing unit.  Here they are reviewing persuasive writing strategies during writers workshop - looking to make their writing stronger and stronger.
What a wonderful time to be a BEAR in school.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Science in Second Grade is VERY COOL!

Dear Bowman Bear Blog,
Students here are observing a chemical reaction that produced rust. They've also wrote their own recipes for a change. They are preparing for a science talk. I am interested in hearing that next. 

Dear Bowman Bear Blog,
I am ending with students involved in a science talk about their observations, predictions, comparisons, results  and conclusions. They are politely taking turns speaking and adding on to conversations about changes in states of matter. 

Room 11 rocks with mathematics, science, social studies and lots of literacy. This was another fun visit. How lucky I  am to watch Bowman's classrooms filled with learning! 

The Bowman Star Student Bear

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Celebrating Pi Day! (3 and a little more)

Dear Bowman Bear Blog,
I learned about Pi today. Students measured the circumference of my nose with yarn. Next, they used this yarn to see how many pieces they could cut from it to measure the diameter of my nose. Three pieces of this yarn and a bit more each measured the diameter of my nose.

Your Big Bear!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Busy Day after the Snow Day...

 Big Bear here...  Today I am a star!  The children are reading the letter I wrote for the blog.  What fun it is to see my words in print.
 I've noticed that Mrs. Barbacano's class really likes to READ!
I like to read too.  I wonder what your favorite books are...  I think my favorite book might be "Blueberries for Sal".  I used to be little - like the little bear in the story.
Indoor Recess is lots of fun.  Most days Bowman students go outside to play.  When it is below 18 degrees, we need to stay in. Inside we have lots of choices for what we can do.  Today a lot of children chose to play with LEGOS, and some children helped me work on my letters.  What a lucky Bear I am!