Friday, September 30, 2016

How does a Bear make music?

The Star Student Bear LOVES fourth grade!  Finally she has found an instrument that fits a Big Bear!  

What a wonderful way to end the week, morning meeting, writing and computer work. The Big Bear is happy she got her Technology Contract signed or she wouldn't be allowed on the computers at Bowman.   And the highlight of her week... her first lesson on the Cello!

What an amazing week this fourth grade bear has had.
Can there be any better life for a bear? 
Thank you Ms. Archibald's class for teaching this Big Bear so much.

 Saying Goodbye is so hard for a bear...

Understanding Vocabulary - Do you know multiple meanings for "BEAR"

The Star Student Bear had a busy Thursday in Ms. Archibald's room.  Even though Thursdays are half days, they are full of learning.  

The Big Bear is fascinated by how fourth graders are studying vocabulary.  She joined in this vocabulary lesson where students were talking about how words can be read, yellow or green.  Did you know that a red word is one where you think "I don't know this word, yet",  a yellow word is one where you think "I have heard it but I can't explain it (yet), and a green word is one where you think "I know it and I can explain it"!  The Star Student Bear learned that when you sort words in this way, it helps you pay more attention to the new vocabulary that you are learning and helps you be sure that you remember the words.
The Big Bear also got a chance to join the read aloud, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo -- she wants to stay in fourth grade to hear more about this special china rabbit!  In writing she worked on writing scenes that emphasized showing, not telling!  What amazing learning for a bear!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fourth Grade is Hard Work (AND Fun) for a Bear!

Today the Star Student Bear got to take a math assessment on place value...  She was surprised at how much she has learned in such a short time in Ms. Archibald's fourth grade!
Although she missed doing the "Week of Inspiration" that Ms. Archibald's class participated in -- see Jo Boaler's website YouCubed -- she is very excited about trying more of the math activities and problems when she is not so busy.  The Star Student Bear is sure that she is already getting smarter and smarter in math as she takes risks, explains her thinking and works with others to solve complicated problems.

Fourth Grade is a lot of fun. 
Reading, writing and relaxing!
And working more on those Crayfish shelters.  Ahh, the life of a fourth grade Bear.  Who could ask for more?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Enjoying a Bear's Life in Fourth Grade!

This week the Star Student Bear has made his way to fourth grade and is the guest of Ms. Archibald's class.  She couldn't wait to see what the life of a fourth grader is like.

 Yesterday, the Star Student Bear joined writers as they planned their realistic fiction stories.  She and the fourth grade writers have learned about creating story arcs for their stories and have spent time developing their characters!  I wonder what the Big Bear will write about for her story?  If you were the Star Student Bear, what would you write about?

 In science students in Room 29 are working as Engineers.  The Star Student Bear joined a group of students as they designed protoypes for crayfish shelters as part of the fourth grade animal adaptation unit.  The Big Bear says that Bears in nature eat crayfish, so she thinks that they need good shelters to survive.  What else do you think helps a crayfish survive in the wild?

Friday, September 23, 2016

And next week the Bear goes to ...

Do you know which grade is home to the Star Student Bear next week?  Stay tuned for more adventures...

Finishing out the week in Kindergarten

The Star Student Bear was happy to see that children are excited about one of his favorite books, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, by Eric Carle.  Can you think of other Bear books he might like to read?

 He had a great time helping Mrs. Glick, our Assistant Principal, lead a sing-a-long!  Singing in Kindergarten is such fun!
 And on Friday afternoon the Star Student Bear said a sad goodbye to Kindergarten.  He cannot wait to find out where he will be NEXT WEEK!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kindergarten Math is such fun!

During Math Workshop this week Kindergarteners are continuing to explore math manipulatives, follow the routines of math workshop and learn about new math centers. The Star Student Bear and Mrs. Schlect's Kindergartners are learning in our Creation Station math center that helps us to practice precise counting! We have also begun our discussions about and practice with more and less!  

What a SMART Bear, our star student bear is growing to be.

Did you know that by working harder you grow smarter and smarter?  The Star Student Bear is learning so much by visiting classrooms!  He can't wait to learn more in Kindergarten this week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Star Student Bear goes to Kindergarten!

The Star Student Bear is VERY EXCITED to be spending the week in Kindergarten.  He is pretty sure that everything you ever need to know you learn in Kindergarten... And boy does this Bear want to learn.  Thank you Mrs. Schlect's Kindergarten for inviting him to be a member of your class!
On Monday, after listening to the story, Ish by Peter Reynolds, Room 18 Kindergartners turned “ish” Squiggles into amazing creations. On Curriculum Night, Mrs. Schlect's families will get a chance to create their own Squiggle Creation!

 During Readers Workshop this week, the Star Student Bear and Readers in Room 18 are learning the importance of re-reading. Last week, Kindergartners learned that when we read we can look at a book's pictures, think about what a book is saying, read it and learn from it! This week we learned that re-reading helps readers to learn even more from their books.  The Big Bear LOVES reading!
He especially loves to be a reading partner and to have time to read books with his partner!
Reading and talking about books in Kindergarten is a way to learn about the world!  What a great Insect Alphabet book!
And sometimes the Star Student Bear just likes to sit back and listen to the story...  Great Times in Kindergarten!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Saying Goodbye to the Star Student Bear, who will say Hello...

Mr. Curhan's class had a wonderful time with the Star Student Bear last week.  
This week the Star Student Bear is headed to …
Mrs. Schlect's Kindergarten.  Stay tuned to the adventures of the Star Student Bear in Kindergarten.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Turn and Talk Time

At Bowman School, and in Mr. Curhan's room, we learn by listening, thinking and talking with each other.  The Star Student Bear is learning how to take turns and be a good partner.  Talking together helps us all push our thinking and develop our ideas!

At the end of the day, we all appreciate being part of Mr. Curhan's team!  The Star Student Bear can't believe that it is already her third day in second grade.  She loves being a part of Mr. Curhan's room, and will miss her new friends when she moves to another room at the end of the week.

Soils Science is Great Fun!

 At this point in second grade students are learning about soils in science.  Here the Star Student Bear is observing while the students work together to explore three components of soil:  Sand, clay and humus!  At first the Star Student Bear thought it was hummus...  Silly Bear, hummus is made with chickpeas, and humus is a type of soil.  It is a good thing she is in second grade this week!

The Star Student Bear is excited to be learning how to make observations and record them in her science journal.  How lucky to be a bear in school!
The Star Student Bear is a great teacher, too!  Here she asks questions to prompt science thinking while children listen intently!

The Star Student Bear Learns Math

 The Star Student Bear is excited that she gets to learn about money in second grade.  In Mr. Curhan's room students have been comparing and sorting coins and using money to figure out different kinds of problems.
She was excited to share a math poem with her class.  
Dime, dime,
little and thin,
I remember you're
worth ten!
Poems are one tool that the students in Mr. Curhan's class use to help remember information.

And the LUCKY CLASS is...

Friday afternoon students collected the Star Student Bear and carried her to their classroom.  Below is the opening celebration of Mr. Curhan's class week long education of the bear.  Can't wait to see what she learns this week.

Mr. Curhan's Room is the proud winner of our Star Student Bear this week.  She is very excited to begin to learn all about what happens in Second Grade.  
So far today, the Star Student Bear has learned a lot about morning meeting.  Did you know that greeting each other is both a way to learn names and a way to make sure that everyone feels connected to the classroom community.  Many classrooms use a morning greeting as a wonderful way to start the day! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

A Last Curriculum Meeting with Teachers

The Star Student Bear says good-bye to teachers in a final planning session.  He is SO excited... in just a couple of minutes he will find out what classroom he will visit next week!

A special thank you to Mrs. Aikenhead, Mrs. Caifa, Mrs. Sepe, Mrs. Kelley, Ms. Majors and Mrs. Roof for a wonderful week learning about Reading, Writing and Math at Bowman School.


What DOES a Bear Do After School?

Yesterday he was seen planning performance assessments for fifth grade with Mrs. Aikenhead and Mr. Swanton!

And planning a lesson on how Mathematicians use models and tools during Math Workshop!

Stay tuned to meet the entire Math and Literacy Team!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Enjoying the week in the Math and Literacy Room

This week the Bowman Star Bear is enjoying a visit to the Literacy and Math Room.  

The Star Student Bear is an AVID reader! He likes to read books, listen to books, write books and can't wait to be in a classroom next week to learn more and more.

One one rainy morning this week, he could be found snuggled up with a good book, waiting for children to arrive.  He was very excited to be reading Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems!  Imagine his surprise when he read this page…
What connections he was making…  He was sure he knew EXACTLY what Knuffle Bunny was feeling as he went round and round in the washer…

He remembered being flat and going in the wash… and is SO GLAD to be back at Bowman.

Can you think of any other books that the Star Student Bear might like to read?  He especially likes books that remind him of things that have happened to him!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Bear Adventures on a student's day off!!

Did you ever wonder what the Star Student Bear does when school is closed?  He was caught on hidden camera a number of places today!

And sleeping...
Checking out the Flags...

Someday he wants to be the Teacher!

 Other days he plays in the hallways or tries to figure out the cash register...

 Next week he will be visiting THIS ROOM... 
Can you figure out where he is?