Friday, December 30, 2016

What a wonderful vacation! -- Where will the Bear go next???

Big Bear has enjoyed her Cape Cod vacation. She knows that balancing our time for work or school and relaxation is a healthy habit for everyone. She found some books about many other interesting and amazing places she would like to explore some day! While she enjoyed her time away, she is looking forward to being back with her friends at Bowman School! I wonder where will she go on her next vacation!

Where do you think she should visit?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Good Night's Sleep!

Time for bed! The Star Student Bear knows that getting enough sleep is important to help your body and brain stay healthy and ready to learn. Did you know that most children between the ages of 5 and 12 need 10-11 hours of sleep each night? How much sleep did you get last night?

Star Student Bear Preparing for Bed...

The Star Student Bear remembers to practice good personal hygiene. She brushes her teeth before she goes to bed. She also follows the 20 second handwashing rule for washing away germs- singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice!

Vacations are fun and a good night's rest is always important!

Outdoor Activities on Cape Cod

There are many outdoor activities you can enjoy when you’re visiting Cape Cod.  Mr. Claffey likes to take his kayak and paddle out a short distance from the shoreline to dig for clams, mussels, and quahogs. He uses a rake to scoop up the fish from the sand and then measures them with a special instrument. If they are too small, he puts them back in the water so they can grow. He steams them in a big pot and we all enjoy this delicious meal from the sea! The Star Student Bear enjoyed practicing sitting in the kayak with her little friend and trying on a life vest. She knows she must always wear her vest to help her stay safe in the water. 

The Cape Cod Rail Trail is a 25 mile long paved bikeway that runs through the Cape Cod towns of Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, Eastham, and Wellfleet. The bikeway follows the path of an old railroad that transported passengers and freight from the 1800s until around 1960. Big Bear practiced balancing on her bike and of course, remembered that she would always have to wear a bike helmet to stay safe during her rides on the bike trail!

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Bear

Time to start the day with a healthy breakfast! The Star Student Bear talked with the manager at Sandi’s Diner about her food allergies. The manager said she had many customers with food allergies! She checked the ingredients of all the breakfast foods that the Bear ordered to make sure they were peanut free. The Bear knows that if she ever felt that she ate something she was allergic to, she would tell a trusted adult, like Mrs. Claffey, right away. Big Bear enjoyed her delicious and “safe” breakfast at Sandi’s!

Relaxing after a few Busy Days Celebrating Holidays

The Star Student Bear takes a well deserved rest after a busy three days celebrating with the Claffey family.  She is so lucky she was invited to stay with them.  Rest is an important part of staying healthy!  Even for a BEAR!

Are there SHARKS in the water off Cape Cod?


To learn more about great white sharks, the Star Student Bear decided to visit the Atlantic White Shark Conservatory in Chatham.  The Conservatory works to support scientific research, improve public safety, educate the public, and promote conservation of Atlantic white sharks. There were many interesting displays, including a multimedia presentation that made you feel like you were swimming beside these amazing creatures! The Bear learned that great white sharks can grow to as along as 20 feet in length, weigh an average of 5000 pounds, and can live for 30 years.  Last year, researchers counted 140 great white sharks off Cape Cod. Most great whites prefer deep waters to stay away from potential prey. However, they may swim in shallow water off Cape Cod, so swimmers need to be mindful of safety in the water.

Time to explore the local library to find more information about the interesting life of great white sharks!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sun Safety - Even in Winter!

It is fun to enjoy the sun and fun at the Cape during the warm summer months. Even in the winter months, she knows that like her friends, she must protect her eyes from the harmful effects of the sun!

Getting on the Road

Big Bear knows it is a long way to Mrs. Claffey’s car in the school parking lot. Her friend, Blue Bear, uses a wheelchair to get around of his broken leg and cast. The Bowman Bear decided to try out the wheelchair so she could see what it felt like to be in a wheelchair. She is thankful she doesn’t have a broken leg and can walk. Her friend, Blue Bear, will be able to walk again after her leg cast is removed. They will be able to exercise and stay healthy together!

The Star Student Bear knows she must always buckle up when riding in a motor vehicle.  This helps keep her safe when she is traveling and exploring different parts of the world. Let the adventure begin!

Good-Bye Mr. Studley, I am vacation bound!

Students in Mr. Studley’s class brought the Bowman Star Student Bear to the health office to meet Mrs. Claffey, the Bowman School Nurse. This was her first visit there!

Big Bear is so excited to be traveling with Mrs. Claffey and her family to Cape Cod. This will be her first adventure away from her friends at Bowman School!
Mrs. Claffey helped the Bowman Bear prepare for the trip by gathering first aid supplies such as band aids, gauze, and gloves. But there was one more very important thing that the Bear knew she needed to take because of her peanut allergies. Can you guess what that is? It’s an EpiPen! Sure enough, Mrs. Claffey had already packed it in her purse so she could help Big Bear if she had an allergic reaction. The Bowman Bear knows that avoiding peanuts is the best way to prevent an allergic reaction.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Community Service in Fifth Grade - Sock Drive

 Mr. Studley's class chose to celebrate the holiday season by thinking about those in need.  For their winter party they conducted a "sock drive" to support families in need through Cradles to Crayons.
 Each student picked out three pairs of socks to package together for someone in need and added a personal message about staying warm.
The Star Student Bear is so excited to spend this last week of 2016 with students who know what it means to give back to others in the community.  Our fifth grade leaders are already making a difference for those who might not have the resources to be warm in our very cold winter.  Congratulations to all our fifth grade leaders!  They each deserve a "Star Student Bear" award!  
Has been our motto... The Big Bear thinks we need to add another S.
Our students are STARS!  

Circuitry in Science - Fifth Grade Hands

Fifth Graders in Science spend much of the year learning about Systems... earlier in the year they learned about Eco-systems.  Now the big bear is a lucky participant in the creation of electrical circuit systems!  Hands-on opportunities to create and explore scientific concepts build deep understanding!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Star Student Bear takes on Fifth Grade Math

The Star Student Bear is enjoying a great start to her week in Mr. Studley's fifth grade class.  In mathematics this week the bear and students are working on "Contexts for Learning".  "Contexts for Learning" are units of study that provide for opportunities for detailed, real world problem solving.  The problems usually take multiple steps and require multiple days to solve in ways that take creative problem-solving methods.  In fifth grade, the students and Bear are working on creating Math Posters to demonstrate the methods that students used to get to their solutions.  This round some of the methods students explored included: finding patterns; and doubling and halving fractions!  Ask a fifth grader how they figured out how to work with fractions in a real world context! 

Every grade level engages in "Contexts for Learning" problem-solving with the math content at their level.  Bowman school is excited to raise math thinkers!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Hanging out in Fifth Grade...

For the last week of the school year in 2016, the Bowman Bear is off to fifth grade.  She will be a resident in Mr. Studley's fifth grade classroom.  Here she is studying the meaning of new words to get ready for all the learning next week.

What fun it is to be a School Bear!

Team 6 has had a great week learning with the Star Student Bear!

What a wonderful introduction to third grade for a Big Bear!
Thank you Ms. Durling and Team 6 for all the great learning this week!

Creating Community in Third Grade

Every classroom at Bowman School cares about creating a sense of community and belonging.  Greetings during morning meeting are one way of making sure that everyone is included and acknowledged at the beginning of the day.

Another way that Ms. Durling's class contributes to our larger Bowman community is through their partnership with a Kindergarten class.  Below they are shown getting together with Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten for Buddy Class activities.
It is wonderful fun to read with Kindergarten partners!

Reading Because of Winn Dixie in Korean

The Star Student Bear is so excited to be in a school where we have so many languages spoken.  He wishes he could learn every single one.  Reading is a universal pleasure.  In Readers Workshop in Ms. Durling's room, he got to listen to a chapter of the book, Because of Winn Dixie, read in Korean!  Reading books in more than one language is a good way to practice both languages.

Readers Workshop time includes lessons, small groups and time to read on your own and with a partner.  Who wouldn't want to curl up with a big bear and read on a chilly day?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Day in the LIfe of an Author Bear!

Today in Writers' Workshop, Team 6 is beginning the third grade persuasive writing unit. Students thought of an issue or topic they know and care about. They wrote long about their opinion and the reasons for their opinion. Big Bear is trying out persuasive writing by writing about a place he cares about, Bowman School!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Exploring Multiplication, Thinking deeply about math concepts!

This afternoon in math, third graders in Ms. Durling's room were exploring patterns in multiplication with number shapes.
Students who explore multiple ways of understanding a math concept through a variety of materials often develop a deep understanding of the principles behind a mathematical operation.  This understanding allows students to think critically about the concept and to apply their understanding beyond a particular algorithm to a more generalized reasoning.  Students who learn math in this way often excel in when asked to engage in sophisticated algebraic thinking as they progress in math.  

What a lucky Bear to be learning math in this way!

Deep Thinking in Social Studies in Ms. Durling's room

Today in Social Studies in Third Grade, the Star Student Bear joined students as they each read a portion of information about the three causes of King Phillip's War and then shared the information with each other (called jigsawing the reading). They learned that three were three causes of the war:  land; loss of culture; and economy.  Through paraphrasing what they read, each group taught the class about one of the causes that lead up to the war. 

After reading and sharing, the class held a discussion about different perspectives involved in the war and the complicated circumstances that led to Native Americans losing their political independence.  

Looking at history from multiple perspectives helps us learn from events in the past.  What a lot to take in for a Bear!

Learning from Teachers College - Third grade teachers together!

Ms. Durling, the Bowman Star Student Bear and third grade teachers from Bowman and Fiske learned together with Alicia Luick from Teachers College Reading and Writing project this morning.  Twice a year, staff developers from Teachers College, Columbia University join elementary teaching staff for in depth professional learning around the teaching of reading.  

Today the group worked on how to help students shift from identifying topic to identifying main ideas in nonfiction texts.  They also worked on planning small group work to support students through this shift through a process identified as "scooping up details and growing a main idea based on them".  Teachers are actively engaged in the learning - going into the classroom and watching model lessons and trying out lessons and being coached.
Here the Bowman Bear is turning and talking to his partner, as Ms. Durling turns to Ms. Luick.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Ms. Durling's Third Graders Enjoy Afternoon Math

At Bowman School we use a block scheduling structure.  This means that each grade level has a separate time for mathematics and for literacy.  During these blocks, all students are in the classroom for instruction. Math and literacy coaches push into the classroom and provide support to students and teachers as they grow their understandings.  Here the Big Bear is looking on as third graders in Ms. Durling's room are watching two peers model how to play a math game.

Our math workshops provide a number of different ways for students to engage in learning.  Teachers use a combination of mini-lessons, modeling, peer collaboration, games, independent work challenges and exploration of multi-step problems to support student growth as math thinkers and problem-solvers.  

Busy day for a third grade Bear!

A Beary Amazing First Day in Third Grade!

In Ms. Durling's room a very curious bear spent time in Social Studies learning becoming a "Myth Buster".
Together the students and a very curious bear compared common myths about the first Thanksgiving to facts they learned.  It seems that some of those stories are just that, stories... Being a history detective means looking at history from many different perspectives.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Moving Up to Third Grade

The Star Student Bear is excited to finally be joining the third grade this week in ...

Ms. Durling's Class!!!
 The Big Bear is delighted to be trying out the Teacher's Chair.  Hmmmm, what will he teach the students on Monday.  Teaching takes a lot of planning!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reader's Workshop with the Big Bear in Second Grade

In Reader's Workshop, second graders are in a unit about Character.  They are learning to think about what characters feel, and how they can figure this out by what they do.  In addition, second grade friends are learning how to make "flexible predictions".  These are the predictions we make when we start reading that we need to change along the way as we get more information. 

At all grade levels, readers engage in different kinds of reading activities.  In the first picture in this series, readers are engaged in a Guided Reading lesson.  Typically guided reading is when all students are reading a common text and working on characteristics of text that are at the same level.  Strategy lessons might pull students from across a range of levels and work together on a common skill (making predictions, finding evidence for character feelings) often in different books.  An important component of the Reader's Workshop is partner reading.  This time is when a child and his or her partner get to talk about the things that they are reading in their independent reading time.  It is very exciting to be a reader with time to get deeply into books!
Even when you have a reading partner, it is always fun to read to a grown up (or Big Bear) friend...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fun in Mrs. Sawka's second grade!

The Star Student Bear had her first morning meeting in Mrs. Sawka's room.  She loves the way that students greet each other each day and the ways in which they carefully keep track of how many days we have been in school.  Do you know how many days we have been in school so far this year?

In Math so far this week, the Big Bear has had the chance to practice her math skills with the DreamBox program.

And she is building her understanding for adding 9's and 10's quickly by playing 9 or 10 Bingo.  Math games are a great way to have fun and practice skills at the same time.

Working together in small groups on games and activities helps develop mathematical reasoning as well!

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Second Grade Bear Joins Mrs. Sawka's room

On Friday, Mrs. Sawka's class won the Big Bear in our Star Student lottery for the week.  Students were thrilled to see the Star Student Bear make her way from fourth grade to join them.  Hear about the adventures of the Star Student Bear in Second Grade by following our blog -- and don't forget to look back at all the great things she has done so far this year!
Thanks Fourth Graders for bringing the big bear to second grade!

 The Star Student Bear is ready to teach... oops, time to go home for the weekend.  She will be ready Monday morning for more adventures with the second grade.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fourth Graders with their First Grade Reading Partners!

Ms. Selhub's fourth graders enjoy reading good books to their first grade reading buddies in Ms. Jones/Ms. Fenerlis' room!

Cross-Grade Partnerships are a great way to help younger children connect with their older peers and to develop the love of reading in everyone.  
Who wouldn't want to be a School Bear?
It must be the very best job in the whole world!