Monday, February 27, 2017

A Special Sleepover with the Udell Family!

Bowman Bear is getting a good night's sleep. Early to bed and early to rise makes a bear healthy and wise!  

This bear awakes with a huge appetite! For a sleepover breakfast with a familiar Udell cousin, the bear was thrilled to have blueberry pancakes, fruit and milk! Bears live blueberries!

Blueberry pancakes reminded him of one of his favorite books, Blueberries for Sal. This book happens to be one of Mrs Udell's childhood favorites, so she had a copy for buddies to read. Claire decided she was Sal and the bear decided he was ..... well ... the bear cub!

Exploring Foot Sizes with Mrs. Udell's son!

Mrs. Udell's son had been learning about polar bears and had made paper paw prints to scale. He traced his own hands and feet to compare size. 

Do you think the Bowman Bear's paws are as big as the polar bears?

No! Turns out Bowman Bear has paws bigger than a human and smaller than a polar bear!
What a lucky Bear to spend time with the Udell's this vacation!

No Hibernating for this Bear!

 The Bear just had to get outside to enjoy the warm weather! No hibernating for this bear when it's 65 degrees in February!

Helping Mrs. Udell with a Science Course she is taking...


Mrs Udell is taking a science course in which she'll need 2 young bean plants for an investigation. What will happen if one plant is placed in the window for 8 days and the other plant is placed in a dark closet for 8 days?

Step 1 is to sprout 2 beans! They are growing well in this Spring-like weather!

The Bear took an interest in a pot of wheatgrass. When he got close to smell it, the grass ends tickled his nose!

The Big Bear was surprised to find out that teachers go to school too.  Mrs. Udell and all Bowman Teachers like to learn more about the content and ways to teach it.  Lexington Teachers are lucky to have a number of different courses that they can take each year that are sponsored by the district.

Lego Exploration on Vacation

The Bowman Bear helped out with LEGO constructions. He loved rummaging through the bin of mixed pieces and inventing s pickup truck and flat house.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Bear on Vacation with Mrs. Udell and her family...

This vacation the Bowman Bear was invited home to Mrs. Udell's house.  He is sure that he is the luckiest Bear ever!  He wonders if Winnie the Pooh felt like this having Christopher Robin as his special friend...
The Bowman Bear was quickly welcomed by the Udell children. The three new friends played dress-up, built a fort and tackled a puzzle. 

 There are bear caves . . . and caves made by bears! Bowman's bear loves a cozy corner for some quiet time.

Such a happy Bear to be home with Mrs. Udell and her family for vacation!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Spaghetti Supper brought to you by The Fifth Grade!

After the snow cancellation last week - the Big Bear gets ready to take orders for the Spaghetti Supper.  The Fifth Grade students and their families put on this fundraiser to help with the costs of the trip to Nature's Classroom.  It is a great way for fifth grade students to show their leadership - and have fun!

The waiters' uniforms are their Bowman Fifth Grade T-shirts.  Here one waiter-pair share a review from a satisfied diner!

Fifth Grade is all about building memories for the future!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Third Time is the Charm for our Fifth Grade Choral Concert!

The Winter Fifth Grade Concert has been postponed two times because of the weather.  Our Big Bear is excited to finally be be presenting with the fifth graders on Friday.  He wants to let everyone know that there is a type-o in the program.  He is pretty sure that the title of the concert is "It's All About the Bear", not the Beat!

Mrs. Rogers leads the fifth grade chorus which performs several times each year - in addition, Mrs. Rogers is always looking for additional opportunities for our fifth graders to perform.

Bowman School is fortunate to have two music teachers, Mrs. Rogers who teaches at Bowman full time, and Mrs. London who is shared with other buildings. 

The second grade is also presenting a concert this week for parents and for the school.  Thank you to Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. London (and parent volunteers) for preparing this wonderful second grade celebration of music and dance from some of the different countries our students are from.

Valentines Bear

After another snowy day, the Bowman Star Student Bear enjoys Valentine's Day activities with Mr. Swanton's fifth graders.

Friday, February 10, 2017

After a Snow Day -- back to really cool science!

Our Bowman Bear is learning about electromagnetism, the interaction of electric currents and magnetic fields.  Today, she is looking to measure the relative strength of various magnets.  In this photo, she is shown conducting an investigation using magnets, paper clips, and a handmade testing device (in her left paw!) to see the impact of creating barriers between a magnet and objects (paper clips, in this case) attracted to it.  The Bowman Bear and the 5th graders LOVE hands-on Science, and are working to create their own investigations as they finish this unit of study!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fantasy Finds in Fifth Grade - What do you like to Read?

The Bowman Bear worked with 5th grade readers to explore how authors combine elements of true history and science in their works of fantasy in order to make their stories appear to be grounded in both the real world and fantasy worlds.  The Big Bear was reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and decided to conduct research on life in an English village and beavers to learn more.  She discovered that beavers had been considered extinct in England up until just about three years ago, so we wondered if C.S. Lewis included Mr. and Mrs. Beaver as characters to show a link between the real world and a fantasy world.  The 5th graders in this photo are holding fantasy books that they are currently reading, too!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Dream Home Design Challenge in Mr. Swanton's Room

The Star Student Bear was 'all charged up' when she volunteered to help 5th grade scientists troubleshoot technical glitches in their Electrical Circuits Dream Home Design Challenge, in which they had to work in teams to light up four individual rooms in a house through simple, series, and/or parallel circuits using wires, batteries, and handmade switches!

A Pat's Fan Makes it to Fifth Grade...

Students arrived on Monday, the day after a most extraordinary Super Bowl victory for the New England Patriots, to see a tired "Tom Beary", aka The Star Student Bear, resting comfortably in the class meeting area, hoping to hibernate for the rest of the winter!  Students reminded her that Growth Mindset was the reason the team came back from a 25-point deficit, and The Big Bear decided to stay awake throughout the day because there is so much to learn EVERY day at Bowman!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Morning Announcements at Bowman School

Every morning two or three students start off the day at Bowman School giving the Announcements over the school intercom.  Mrs. Bitton helps the students make sure that they are ready and have a chance to practice before they start.

Our Star Student Bear is excited that she gets a turn to talk on the announcements.  We use morning announcements to signal that our day has begun, to share important information and to offer students a chance to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  Students love picking a fun fact to share for the day!
We are so lucky to have the help and support of Mrs. Bitton, Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Stirling in our main office.  They help our entire school in so many different ways!

Big Bear Welcomes our BU Interns!

Bowman School is fortunate to be part of a partnership with Boston University.  As a member of the BU Consortium, student interns who are considering education as their career come to Bowman one day a week as part of an education seminar.  At Bowman our student interns work with classroom teachers to implement lessons and provide small group and individual support.  During their class at BU, our interns learn about education as a profession.  The BU Consortium also holds workshops and sponsors research projects that are initiated by consortium teacher members.  We are very fortunate to be represented at the BU Consortium meetings by Maryellen Leelman, Rosanne Barbacano and Melinda Loof.  In addition to Consortium sponsored professional learning, we also receive course vouchers for teachers.

Our Star Student Bear is pleased to welcome our Spring BU Interns to Bowman.  Our interns will be with us on Wednesdays for the semester.

The Star Student Bear Becomes a Citizen! Thank You, Mrs. Udell's Class!

At Ellis Island (aka Bowman) the Big Bear had an interview and inspection.  Inspectors checked for his name on the manifest and a translator assisted.
The Big Bear now can apply for U.S. citizenship and studies the First Amendment.  How wonderful to have the 5 Freedoms (of Religion, of Speech, of Assembly, of the Press, and to Petition the Government).  Here he is practicing for taking his Oath of Allegiance at his naturalization ceremony.
Hooray!  The Big Bear passed the tests and is welcomed by all of his fellow immigrants from other countries.