Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Glorious Day for a Big Backyard Outing in Third Grade

 All classes at Bowman School participate in the "Big Back Yard" program.  With their teachers and parent volunteers, students have the opportunity to investigate the natural environment right outside of Bowman's doors.
 We are lucky to have our school connect to conservation land.  It provides many different kinds of habitats for students to investigate.  Today the Bear was excited and curious as he participated with small groups as they spent time observing and identifying specimens found in Bowman's watershed.
He was pretty surprised earlier in the week to discover that a flock of geese had decided that the marshy puddle by the Kindergarten was a good place to stay for a while.

We think that the land that Bowman School was built on 50 years ago must have been a marsh or other kind of wetlands. It is always surprising to see how wet our grounds get with even a little bit of rain.

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