Thursday, May 11, 2017

Enjoying First Grade in Miss Thompson's Room

 The Bowman Star Bear is very lucky to be spending this week in Miss Thompson's first grade classroom.  First grade is a magical place.  Here the magic is happening with Mrs. Sepe during Readers Workshop.  The Big Bear LOVES reading, and is so excited to be getting help on reading each word.  The Bear needed help tracking as her paws have trouble pointing out each word.  As students (and bears) learn to read longer texts and harder words - they need their fingers to assist less and less.
In Science students are sharing their thinking with the Star Student Bear.  They are sharing what they would like to discover as they grow seeds.  The students have just planted green bean, pea and pumpkin seeds.  The Big Bear hopes she gets to eat some of the vegetables when they are all grown...  Silly Bear, it will be a long time before the vegetables are ready!

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