Friday, May 19, 2017

More Learning in Ms. Perdiz' Class!

First graders enjoyed the Big Bear's help as they built their aquariums and terrariums as part of their life cycles unit in Science. The Bear listened carefully while the students talked about what they observed with the organisms and drew diagrams.

In First Grade, many classrooms use the RAVE-O program to help integrate the many neural pathways the brain uses to develop automatic and fluent reading.  The Star Student Bear thinks it is pretty cool that by learning about word meanings and word parts (like the ending -ed, always means that the event is in the past) they can be "word detectives".  The Big Bear helped students find the many hidden treasures in words during a word work lesson. The Bear held the word treasure box as students pick out a few words and thought of the many interesting meanings that words can have! 

How many interesting meanings can you find for the word "bat"?  First graders get to think about how silly a sentence would be if you get a picture of the wrong bat in your mind while reading a sentence like... 
"He hit the ball with the bat."

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